On-line Parents and Carers Q&A for CET-MET Merger

As indicated in the update sent out on 22nd May we are pleased to be able to provide details of an on-line Q&A session on the proposed merger between the Morris Education Trust and the Cambridgeshire Educational Trust. You can find the background to the proposed merger, and a discussion of why the trustees are proposing it, at www.cet.tmet.org.uk.

The session is scheduled for 7.30pm on Thu 18th June and you can join it through this link https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89345197757 which we will also publish on our feedback website www.cet.tmet.org.uk. The session will be recorded and will be available to be viewed later also via the feedback website.

We are allowing one hour for this, but if we don’t manage to cover all issues adequately, we have the opportunity for a follow-up session on Tue 30th June also at 7.30pm.

The session is primarily intended to address questions from parents/carers, though anyone is welcome to attend. We will run a session to cover staff-specific questions separately.

The session will run as a panel interview led by Ruth Jackson, who is a community governor at Chesterton (as well as being a parent). She will ask questions, based on those already received via the feedback website and as well as others of her own. The panel will consist of Martin Rigby (proposed chair of trustees) and Lucy Scott (proposed CEO). You will have the opportunity to ask questions “live” via a text Q&A system, but it would help if you could email any you have in advance (to hello@cet.tmet.org.uk) so that we can ensure they are properly addressed.

We look forward to welcoming you on the 18th.

With best wishes


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