Application submitted to DfE

Today, after months of hard work, we formally submitted our free school application for The Cavendish School to the Government Department for Education (DfE).  Comprising over 140 pages, the bid is detailed and authoritative.  We are very hopeful that it will be successful.

Robert Campbell, Executive Principal, Morris Education Trust

It has been a busy and exciting period.  The new  multi-academy trust that will oversee The Cavendish School has been developing.  The Morris Education Trust has been named to reflect the influence of Henry Morris, Chief Education Officer for Cambridgeshire from 1922 – 1954, who believed that education should lastingly improve people’s lives.  His vision for education was for schools to be an intrinsic and highly valued part of their communities.  Last Thursday the regional Headteacher Board approved the Morris Education Trust application to be what is called a ‘sponsor’. This means that the Trust is seen by the Department for Education as a strong organisation with the capacity and capability to work with other schools, including the proposed new special school.

In relation to The Cavendish School application, the process now includes several stages.  Firstly we expect to find out in 6-8 weeks whether our application has been shortlisted to progress.  If successful, at this stage we will be invited for interview at the DfE to present our case and to answer specific and detailed questions about our plans.  This should take place before Christmas and we will learn the outcome in early 2017.  If we are successful at this stage then the DfE will approve our application to progress to the pre-opening stage.  The Secretary of State will not confirm an opening date until an application is established in the pre-opening stage, but our ambition is to complete building works in time for the school to open in September 2018.

Thank you to all the colleagues, parents, young people and professionals who have contributed so far to help shape the vision for our new school.  We continue to need your input and support.  We will update you on progress, as well as opportunities to get involved, as we move forward.